Joining the Lab

Graduate student Jesse Grismer training students in techniques for DNA extraction.

Graduate student Jesse Grismer training students in techniques for DNA extraction.

Lab Fees
The per-semester users’ fee is $200. This fee applies to everyone who is using the lab on a regular basis, including trainees and those who initiate their work partway through a semester. Previously trained users who only require the lab for a limited time (e.g., a few weekends per semester) may inquire about a reduced fee. This fee is necessary to provide the bottom-line revenue required to stock basic consumables and purchase occasional small-ticket supplies (glassware, etc.). Users will be billed the per semester fee the month that work in the lab begins. All fees can be paid by transferring funds from any KU account directly into the MGL budget account.

Becoming a Lab User
All prospective laboratory users must coordinate their activities with the laboratory PI and CA. No new laboratory users are permitted in the MGL without having first consulted with the laboratory PI and completed the required safety training. At this time, the laboratory is unable to offer formal training in molecular genetic techniques. For this reason, new users must arrange to receive training from a core laboratory user. Training a new laboratory user is a time intensive process for both the trainer and the trainee. Acquiring a position as a trainee typically requires a commitment of 10-30 hours/week for the duration of a semester (trainees who begin their work mid-semester may be expected to commit to a continuation of their training into the following semester). The trainee should expect to work on a project assigned by the trainer before gaining the independence to conduct their own work. Trainers assume responsibility for all actions taken by their trainees in the laboratory and will be held accountable for any safety violations or damage to equipment or facilities by their trainee(s).

Visitor Policy
Visitors with a formal KU affiliation are welcome and encouraged to make use of the BI molecular lab facilities. Anyone working in the laboratory must have some type of formal affiliation with KU (e.g., visiting researcher). Visitors are obliged to complete all of the safety training required of regular laboratory users prior to conducting any work in the laboratory. Visitors must also receive training from experienced laboratory users prior to using any shared laboratory equipment or reagents. The laboratory PI and CA must be alerted of a visitors arrival at least one month prior to the visitor’s arrival.


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Welcome to the official (temporary) home of the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute's Molecular Genetics Laboratory. The lab's home on the web will move to the BI's new website as soon as this site is completed in February of 2013.
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