Laboratory Management: A laboratory principle investigator (PI) and graduate curatorial assistant (CA) work closely with the BI’s administration and other PIs to manage and maintain the Molecular Genetics Laboratory. The lab PI’s role is to ensure safe and efficient use of laboratory facilities, facilitate access to the laboratory for all interested users, oversee policy changes, address the changing needs of the facility, and to arbitrate daily issues. The lab’s graduate curatorial assistant is responsible for day to day maintenance of the laboratory, including regular maintenance of shared equipment, production of buffers and other shared reagents, ordering of shared use consumables, and and coordinating removal of hazardous waste.

Laboratory PI
Rich Glor

Laboratory CA
Anthony Barley

Laboratory Users: Two Biodiversity Institute’s Molecular Genetics Laboratory has two types of users. Most work in the laboratory is conducted by trained personel affiliated with Biodiversity Institute curators who rely on the laboratory as their primary molecular genetics laboratory. These core users conduct their research largely independently after receiving extensive training by previously qualified core users. A smaller group of specialized users rely on the lab for specific procedures that require equipment or facilities that are unavailable elsewhere on the Lawrence campus. All laboratory users must coordinate their activities with the laboratory PI and are obliged to adhere to laboratory policies at all times.

Affiliated PIs
Rob Moyle (Ornithology)
Rafe Brown (Herpetology)
Town Peterson (Ornithology)
Leo Smith (Ichthyology)
Caroline Chaboo (Entomology)
Andrew Short (Entomology)
Mark Mort (Botany)
Deborah Smith (EEB)
Rich Glor (Herpetology)

Core Users
Matt Buehler (Herpetology, Brown)
Mike Anderson (Ornithology, Moyle)
Andres Lira (Ornithology, Soberon)
Muhammad Janra (Ornithology, Moyle)
Kerry Cobb (Herpetology, Brown)
Taro Eldredge (Entomology, Short)
Devin Bloom (Entomology, Short)
Karen Olsen (Herpetology, Brown)
Hannah Owens (Ichthyology)
Chan Kin Onn (Herpetology, Brown)
Tashitso Anamza (Herpetology, Brown)
Jesse Grismer (Herpetology, Brown)
Pete Hosner (Ornithology, Moyle)
Matt Davis (Ichthyology, Smith)
Carl Oliveros (Ornithology, Moyle)
Scott Travers (Herpetology, Brown)
Yong-Chao Su (Herpetology, Brown)
Joe Manthey (Ornithology, Moyle)
Anthony Barley (Herpetology, Brown)
Xianguang Guo( Herpetology, Brown)
Yong-Chao Su (Herpetology, Brown)

Sumudu Fernando (Ornithology, Hosner)
DeSilva Thilina (Ornithology, Hosner)
Catie George (Herpetology, Cobb)
Luke Campillo (Ornithology, Manthey)
Carl Hutter (Herpetology, Grismer/Kobb)
Abigail Fields (Herpetology, Olson)
Allyson Prue (Herpetology, Brown)
Mia Phillips (Herpetology, Olsen)
Taylor Broadhead (Herpetology, Grismer)


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Welcome to the official (temporary) home of the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute's Molecular Genetics Laboratory. The lab's home on the web will move to the BI's new website as soon as this site is completed in February of 2013.
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