Laboratory Policies
Laboratory Safety

  • All users are required to follow established standards for laboratory safety at all times. Any violation of laboratory safety standards will lead to an immediate suspension from all lab activities.
  • Users are obligated to immediately report any safety violations or concerns to the laboratory PI and CI.
  • All new users must attend a mandatory on-site training session and complete the required on-line safety modules prior to conducting any work in the laboratory.
  • All users must attend at least one on-site safety training session annually.
  • Mandatory on-site training sessions are offered twice per year at the beginning of each semester. Users should plan ahead so that they are able to attend one of these training sessions. Users who are unable to attend one of these sessions due to a scheduling conflict must contact the laboratory PI or CA to arrange individual safety training. Individual safety training will be offered at the discretion of the laboratory PI and will require successful completion of a written examination.
  • Gloves are never to be re-used. Glove use in hallways is strictly prohibited.
  • Hazardous waste must be disposed of in appropriately labeled containers. EHS or the laboratory PI and CI must be contacted immediately when removal of these containers is warranted.

Lab Maintenance, Organization, and Etiquette

  • To ensure efficient use of this shared facility, it is essential that laboratory users immediately report any problems with laboratory equipment, reagents, or facilities to the laboratory PI and CA. Reports of problems may be made via e-mail (preferred) or in person. Problems that may impact other lab personnel should also be reported via the lab’s e-mail list (bimol@ku.edu).
  • All personal supplies and equipment must be clearly labeled and stored in the appropriate location. All drawers and cabinets must be labeled with magnetic labels supplied by the lab. A drawer full of magnetic labels and blank inserts are available in a labeled drawer in the new laboratory space. Please use these labels as necessary. The laboratory PI and manager may move or discard any items found on benchtops or in unlabeled drawers or cabinets.
  • All bench spaces that are not actively being used (i.e., within the last 48 hours) should be entirely clear. Any bench space that has fallen into disuse may be cleared without prior warning by the PI or CA.
  • Leaving behind dirty glassware or other personal supplies is strictly forbidden. Budget your time accordingly, always leaving time to clean up after yourself. There are no excuses for not cleaning up after yourself.
  • Use of any equipment of procedures without appropriate training is not permitted. Individual students and laboratory groups will be held accountable for damage to shared lab equipment or facilities.
  • Provide adequate advance notice of your needs. Ordering and preparation of buffers and other reagents is completed once weekly.
  • The computer attached to the ABI 3730 DNA analyzer is not available for long-term storage of data. Data more than one month old will be deleted periodically and without prior notification. Be sure your data is immediately stored at alternative location and backed up accordingly.

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Welcome to the official (temporary) home of the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute's Molecular Genetics Laboratory. The lab's home on the web will move to the BI's new website as soon as this site is completed in February of 2013.
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