Laboratory Services
In addition to providing workspaces and maintaining shared use equipment, the laboratory also provides limited assistance with purchasing and completing for-hire services. Ordering of most laboratory supplies (e.g., dNTPs, Taq, plates for clean-up or PCR) is the responsibility of individual laboratory users or lab groups.

Common Use Lab Consumables: Users must alert the PI and CA when it is necessary to order items on this list, being sure to provide enough advance warning to permit ordering and delivery.

  • Supplied by Laboratory Free of Charge: The following items are purchased by the laboratory with user fees or other funds. There is no need to sign these items out.
    • Molecular grade water
    • Gloves (from XS to XL and everything in between)
    • Small Kimwipes
    • Falcon tubes
    • Paper towels
    • Ethanol
    • 1.5 mL eppendorf tubes
    • TBE and TAE buffers for electrophoresis
    • Guanidin thiocyanate extraction reagents
  • Available for Purchase: Several common use lab reagents and consumables are purchased in bulk by the laboratory and are made available for purchase at-cost by laboratory users. Users who purchase these items must sign out any items purchased at the time these items are taken. Fees are calculated and charged at the end of each month.
    • Exosap
    • Gel Red
    • Tips for Rainin pipettors (10/20, 200, 1000)
    • Big Dye

Maintenance of Shared Equipment

  • Weekly maintenance of ABI 3730 (replacement of polymer, buffers, and water)
  • Monthly maintenance of Millipore filtration system (cleaning and flushing of system)
  • Yearly replacement of Millipore filters.

For-Hire Injection on ABI 3730 DNA Analysis Platform: The laboratory is able to offer some basic for-hire injection services for users who are untrained in the use of our ABI 3730 DNA Analysis platform. Injections are done once weekly or as time permits. Contact the laboratory PI or CA for additional details on how to provide submit samples and schedule injections. In the past the laboratory has offered a larger range of for-hire services, including PCR clean-up and full-service Sanger sequencing. We are no longer able to offer these services. These services we currently offer include:

  • Injection of cleaned up big dye sequencing reactions for plates containing 48 samples for $50.
  • Injection of samples in plates containing 48 samples for fragment analysis for $50 (coming soon).

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